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Who we are

We are a development-specific agency specializing in back-end and front-end technologies primarily but not limited to Drupal, React, NextJS & Headless Wordpress, accumulating a combined experience of over 10 years.

Our Work repertoire demonstrates how well we handle many complex projects in these domains. We seek out opportunities enabling us to deliver optimal, innovative solutions to our clients.

Our services and products contribute to companies' client acquisition and growth. We take pride in our capability to assist companies in this endeavor.

Our client list ranges from diverse backgrounds and despite all this incredible growth, what’s remained constant through all these years is our commitment to customer contentment, we always strive to raise our bar higher.

Our work starts with a pen & paper and ends with a flawless final product that’s delivered with a smile and assurance.

Our Story

Community Engagement

We are passionate about engaging with the open-source community. We actively contribute to open-source projects, share our code, and collaborate with other developers worldwide. By participating in the community, we not only give back but also stay at the forefront of technological advancements, benefiting both our team and the larger open-source ecosystem.

Open-Source Culture

At DeKnows, we champion an open-source ethos that thrives on attribution, standing tall, and making a positive impact in society. Taking a leap of faith, we're committed to this journey.

Our work culture is our pride, defined by distinguished qualities that define us. We're thrilled to share these values with you and eagerly embrace anything that brings agility, openness, harmony, and superior work ethics. The global admiration we receive only fuels our commitment to delivering our best.

As you journey from left to right, you'll discover our unique and mesmerizing cultural attributes, woven seamlessly into our work.

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Bacterelax Healthcare
Infectim+ NL

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Ben Johnson

Hamad and his team undertook some additional work on my Drupal site. Corrected an issue for me really qui...Show More

Our Team

At Deknows we posses a collective passion for innovation and excellence. Comprised of seasoned professionals and visionary minds, our team brings together diverse skill sets and extensive experience to deliver unparalleled solutions

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Operating Partner / Developer

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Asghar Abbas

Co Curator / Technical Lead

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Wali Ullah

Lead React/NextJS


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Join our vibrant team! Discover exciting opportunities as we are on the lookout for passionate individuals to join us on our journey towards embracing an startup culture and making a meaningful impact.

We thrive by partering with visionary brands and driven individuals.

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