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Custom WordPress Development

At Deknows, we unlock WordPress's full potential through tailored plugins and API integrations. Our agency specializes in ideating and implementing robust solutions or seamlessly integrating with existing teams to craft exceptional platforms.


Tailored plugin development

API integrations enhancing platform

ideation and implementation

Collaboration & integration


Responsive and customizable WordPress themes

Branding and user experience goals

Performance-optimized theme

Accessibility and cross-browser compatibility

Theme Development

We prioritize captivating and user-friendly website themes. Our agency specializes in crafting responsive and customizable WordPress themes using industry-standard tools and methodologies.


Multisite in WordPress allows managing multiple sites from a single WordPress installation. At Deknows, we specialize in configuring and managing WordPress Multisite setups, providing a unified platform for various sites or networks.


WordPress Multisite

Multiple sites from a single installation

Optimizations for Multisite networks

Multisite setups



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