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This discovery phase holds utmost priority to ensure that our support and maintenance services precisely align with your distinctive needs. This alignment sets the foundation for a streamlined and effective ongoing support process.


Requirements Analysis Report

Service Roadmap

Documentation Package

Workflow protocols

Communication Channel



Regular Audits

Monitoring Uptime

Functional tests

Stress tests

Technical Oversight

Efficient technical oversight, ensuring optimal performance and functionality with routine technical check-ups, minimizing disruptions, swiftly addressing queries and fixing bugs to ensure seamless user experiences.

Regular Updates & Enhancements

Staying updated for heightened security and enhanced functionality, Implement industry-standard updates and user-centric enhancements for an ever-evolving website, plus protect your website with timely updates, enhancing security against emerging threats


Security Patches

Continuous Improvement

Optimised page performance


Content Hub Support

SEO CMS config

Backend managment

Content Management

Introducing features/pages and regular content updates, keeping visitors informed and engaged, and refining imagery to improve user experience and enhance search engine visibility.


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